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1  2nd Floor (Non-Server Related Section) / Entertainment Center (Media Board) / Re: X Factor : THE RESULTS! on: December 14, 2009, 05:11:10 pm
Please remember to post in the correct section.
Threads pertaining to events outside of the server belong on the 2nd Floor, which is designated for non-server related topics.

Thank you. Smiley
2  1st Floor (General Server Discussion) / The Forgotten Corner (Misc. General Discussion) / MOVED: X Factor : THE RESULTS! on: December 14, 2009, 05:09:05 pm
This topic has been moved to Entertainment Center (Media Board).

3  The Lobby (Staff Announcements) / Record Journal (Update Log) / New Items - Ancient PVP Armour! on: December 12, 2009, 12:55:26 pm
Today I added these pvp models to the client.
The Vesta, Statius, Zuriel, and Morrigan armours and weapons are now added!

Screenshots are below...

Vesta's Chainbody, Plateskirt, and Spear...

Zuriel's Robe top, Robe bottom, Hood, and Staff...

Statius's Platebody, Platelegs, Helmet, and Warhammer...

Morrigan's Leather Body, Chaps, Coif, and Javelin...

We hope to put these perfect PVP models to use as soon as possible.
4  1st Floor (General Server Discussion) / The Forgotten Corner (Misc. General Discussion) / Information Booth on: November 02, 2009, 03:39:22 pm
Here is some information to get you started on our server.

Command List:

Calculates maximum damage possible with melee in your current situation, and relays that amount in a message.

Relays a message stating the number of TzHaar monsters you have killed so far in the TzTok-Jad Minigame.

Clears the message box of all messages.

Relays a message stating the number of people in the Fight Pits Minigame.

Opens a window containing information about the ::sky commands.

::sky1 - 4
Changes the color of the sky (fog, look into the distance to see the effect)

Teleports you to the RuneCrafting area

Teleports you to the home area

Teleports you to the battle mages arena. Beware, the enemies here are aggressive and will attack once you appear.

Teleports you to the shops

Teleports you to the primary training area

Opens a window containing information on the grand exchange.
Note: Other Grand Exchange related commands are featured on this window and are not stated on this topic.

::yell #Message#
Relays a message to all players currently online.
Sorry, but this command is for staff members only.

::changepassword #New Password#
Changes your password to whatever you enter after the command string.
Note: Be VERY careful with this command, it will change your password immediatly, so if you cannot remember what you typed in the command, or made a mistake, make sure you write it down. To be safe, change it to what you want a few times or type really slow so you can be sure that you did not make any mistakes in changing your password.

Opens a window containing a list of all the players that are currently online, along with their staff position, if they have one.

Increases your Attack, Strength, HitPoints, Magic, and Range level to 99.
Defence and Prayer must be trained.

Opens a window containing the list of rules. This list is still being worked on so check back periodically.

Opens a window containing the list of modern teleports spells and the locations that they take you to. Spells not metioned on this list have no effect.

Empties your inventory

Staff Commands:

Resets the drop table.

Makes your strength bonus equal to 50000.
This command must be redone everytime you teleport, equip/unequip items, and log in and out.

Makes your special bar unlimited.

::update #Number of Seconds#
Creats an update timer that is displayed on everyones screen that contains the number you entered in the command.
When this timer runs out, the server is reset, requireing a restart.

Relays a message containing your current spot on the map in X and Y Co'ords.

Forces all nearby players to cease what they are doing and hail to you.

Forces all nearby players to dance.

::pnpc #NPC ID#
Changes your character to the npc of your choosing.

::emote #Emote ID#
Makes your character do the emote cooresponding to the ID provided.

::markuser #Username#
Marks the coorespoding user with a warning

Teleports you to the staff area

Teleports you to the owner area

::npc #NPC ID#
Spawns an NPC cooresponding to the ID provided.

::yell #Message#
Relays the message provided to all online players.
The message also provides the position of staff you are a part of.

Kills all npc's in the game.
Only do this if it is absolutley nessecary, such as a shop npc being somewhere retarded.

Increases all levels to 99.

::add #Username#
Makes the user cooresponding to the username provided a donater.

Switches your spellbook between Modern and Ancient.

Switches your spellbook to Lunar.

::tele #Coord X# #Coord Y#
Teleports you to the coordinates provided.
Do not use this to teleport directly into the wild.

::mod #Username#
Makes the user cooresponding to the username provided a moderator.

::adm #Username#
Makes the user cooresponding to the username provided an administrator.

::demote #Username#
Demotes the player cooresponding the username provided if they have a staff position.

::unmute #Username#
Unmutes the player cooresponding to the username provided if they are muted.

Unbans the player cooresponding to the username provided if they are banned.
This does not work on IP Bans.

::getpass #Username#
Relays a message containing the cooresponding player's password.

::banuser #Username#
Bans the cooresponding player.
If you are a moderator, you cannot un-do this yourself, so do NOT abuse.

::ipban #Username#
IP-Bans the cooresponding player.
This can only be undone by Xxx9234 (Ricky), so please be careful with this.
Owner, may soon be changed to administrator.

::mute #Username#
Mutes the cooresponding player for 48 hours.

::ipmute #Username#
IP-Mutes the cooresponding player forever.

::jail #Username#
Traps the cooresponding player in the crafting guild until they mine a total of 250 silver ore.
This cannot be undone, so please be careful.

Teleports all players to your location.
If you are teleported to a staff member, DO NOT LEAVE!

::xteletome #Username#
Teleports the cooresponding player to your location.
If you are teleported to a staff member, DO NOT LEAVE!

::xteleto #Username#
Teleports you to the cooresponding player.

::pickup #Item ID# #Amount#
Spawns an item cooresponding to the ID and amount provided.
The amount has no affect on non-stackable items.
Do not give any items created by this command away.
Admin, may be changed to Owner

Treasure Trails
You will notice that a few monsters drop clue scrolls.
No, these are not useless, they are actual clues.
Click on them to find information on its location.
A Spade is required to complete any treasure trail.
Spades can be bought at the general store in Edgeville.
If you have a clue scroll in your inventory, and you try digging with the spade, it will tell you which direction the casket is in.
Reading the clue and digging with the clue on hand will give you a hint as to where it is to save you time.
Once you find the casket, click on it and you will recieve a reward!

The Chaos Elemental
This is potentially the most dangerous monster in the game.
If you are not properly protected against its attacks, it can do severe damage against you.
Not to mention it is located in the middle of the wild, where other players can attack you.
Rumor has it that it can also remove your weapon, so be on the lookout for notifications of this attack.
I hear theres a special prayer that can drastically lower its attack power on you.
I wonder which prayer it could be...

The King Black Dragon
The most powerful dragon should definitley not be taken lightly.
Its devastating hits can kill you easily if you do not bring the right equipment with you.
This monster is also in the wild, so be on the lookout for other players.
A certain shield is rumored to limit the damage of this dragons fire techniques.

The Kalphite Queen
Surrounded by her minions, this creature is not afraid to take down any challengers.
Its huge fangs and perfect attacks can take a toll on adventurers.
This monster can also be protected from by a certain prayer.

The Training Area
There are quite a few monsters around this area for you to kill.
They also drop a good sum of gold to help you out.
The heroes come in great numbers and do very little damage; great for beginners.
The death spawns pack a punch but can drop lots of gold, be careful with these.
The shade at the end deals massive amounts of damage, so be sure not to attack him unless you are ready.
However, if you do kill him, he drops a heavenly pile of coins for you to keep.

The Pest Control Island
You can play the Pest Control game on this island.
By destroying all four portals, you win points that can be traded for special prizes including Full Void Melee armour!
This set of robes greatly increases your maximum damage.
I hear it increases it by 15 whole points!
The anger weapons are nice and powerful as well.
Their special attack always deals a few points higher than you maximum hit.
Make sure you watch out for the battle mages, they attack you from the start of the game.
Using protect for mage should help against these enemies.

The Barrow Brother's armour each have their unique special effect that is activated if you are wielding their entire set of armor.

Dharok the Wretched - You maximum damage increases as your health decreases. The highest possible bonus is 60 extra damage when you have between 0 and 9 hitpoints.

Verac the Defiled - Your attacks completley ignore your opponents defence and prayer bonuses. It is impossible for your attacks to ever hit a 0 on other players with this armour set. Against NPC's, this armour set heavily increases your accuracy.

Guthan the Infested - One out of every 3 of your attacks will heal you by the amount of damage dealt to your opponent. The effect is signified by a special graphical animation.

Torag the Corrupted - Dual Effect:
Your opponent's void knight effects are completley negated while you have this armour set on. (Hammers are not required, but may be used. Affects all enemies attacking you at once.)
If you have the hammers and armour set equipped, all of your attacks will hit your opponent twice.

Ahrim the Blighted - Your opponent's special attack will be completley negated with this set on. Ahrim's staff may be substituted for an ancient staff. (Affects all enemies attacking you at once.)

Karil the Tainted - One out of every three attacks will stop your opponent's attack flow, requiring them to attack again. (Only affects the opponent you are attacking.)

Special Weapons and Attacks

Saradomin Sword (2H) - Very accurate weapon against opponents. One of every 2 hits are guaranteed to not miss.
Special Attack (50%) - An even more accurate double damage effect on your opponent. Extremely powerful.

Slender Blade - The most accurate and powerful one-handed sword (excluding special attacks of other weapons) in the game. However, it has a very large drop in your defence bonuses.

Anger Weapons - Can only be obtained from pest control. Each anger weapon has their own unique attack speed.
Special Attack (100%) - Only increases accuracy to have an extremely low possibility of hitting a 0 at the moment..
Weapon speeds go in this order from fastest to slowest.
Anger Spear (2H, Equal to Magic Shortbow)
Anger Sword (Equal to Scimitar/Abyssal Whip)
Anger Mace (Equal to other maces)
Anger BattleAxe (2H, Equal to 2H Swords/Godswords/Mauls)

Glowing Dagger - Enhanced version of a dragon dagger with the same special attack, only more accurate and takes 50% of your special energy.

Dragon Claws Special Attack - Hits 4 times on your opponent. Damages are fixed so they don't skyrocket. Difficult to hit good on heavy defence opponents. The claw spec also slows down your attack flow for a little bit. I don't have any idea why this happens, and I'm afraid I can't fix it... Sorry. =\

Custom Whips - Each of the 4 custom whips are enhanced versions of the abyssal whip with unique special attacks.

Scorched Whip - Very heavy max hit and accuracy bonus.

Gracious Whip - Refills your HP and Prayer to 99 points.

Stoic Whip - Drops your opponents Attack, Defence, Strength, Prayer, Magic, and Ranged levels by 20 points. Heals your HP and Prayer by 15 points.

Frozen Whip - Freezes your opponent for 20 seconds, Stops your opponents attack flow, requiring them to attack you again, and also drains their prayer to 0 points.

Godswords (2H) - Each of the varied godswords have their own unique special attack, and are the most powerful weapons in the game.

Armadyl Godsword (75%) - Max hit is boosted by 30 points.

Saradomin Godsword (50%) - Heals your HP and Prayer by the amount of damage dealt. It is also impossible to hit a 0 with this attack.

Bandos Godsword (100%) - Drops your opponents attack, strength, defence, magic, prayer, and ranged levels by the amount of damage done, divided by two. It is also impossible to hit a 0 with this attack on other players.

Zamorak Godsword (50%) - Freezes your opponent for 20 seconds. It is also impossible to hit a 0 with this attack on other players.

Perished Dagger (25%) - Deals two damages per turn.

Perished Longsword (25%) - Stops your opponent's attack flow, requiring them to attack again.

Perished Scimitar (75%) - Deals damage to your opponent that does NOT show up on the damage splatter, and isn't seen by your opponent until the next person deals another attack.

Perished BattleAxe (75%) - Increases your Strength and Attack by the amount of damage done. TIP: Try this on NPC's before PK-ing.

Perished Spear (75%) - Drops your opponents Strength and Attack by half of the amount of damage done.

Perished Halberd (50%) - Increases your maximum damage by 25 points.

Cora's Estoc (No Special attack) - Has the highest maximum hit in the game, with the exception of special attacks with max hit boosters. Has a 164 strength bonus.

Cora's Creese (No Special attack) - The most accurate weapon in the game, with the exception of Verac's armour and weapon set. Has a 264 attack bonus and 145 strength bonus.

5  The Lobby (Staff Announcements) / The Message Board (Announcements) / Results and the Future on: October 12, 2009, 07:32:04 pm
Well, a few weeks ago, we released.
And after two hours, Gap's sister turned the server off and he decided to give up.
But it looks like someone is still around since the logo is sexier then I remember, so i'll ask Gap for the server he released and Ill work on it and hopefully will get some way to host the server myself.
How this affects you...
Staff will be picked by someone else, considering the only thing I didnt actually own was the server, which I will soon be getting.
We wont release again for a long time.
Could be weeks, or months. Maybe not even until summer, but I really hope to release before then, lmao.
Me and Gap didnt agree with everything, so the server may look different, but most of it will actually be the same.
As soon as I get ungrounded, then I will be focusing on the server alot, which will hopefully influence the release time.
If Gap wants to stay, then he can be the Co Owner of just about everything, and Courtney was still workong even when the server owner gave up, so if she sticks around, she'll definitly be Co Owner, or higher depending on how much she contributes. XD
Also, I'm probably changing the server name to SS Echoed, which means another logo change, sorry Courtney.
I hate to see servers plan on releasing, only to have the owner quit right before he finishes. (Supah Fly, Mac, VooDoo, Gap) so I WILL get this done if it kills me.
But its gonna take patience, because it wont be released soon. Tongue

New Global Management of SS Reborn, soon to be SS Echoed,

6  1st Floor (General Server Discussion) / The Forgotten Corner (Misc. General Discussion) / Client Download on: September 30, 2009, 03:45:04 pm
The client will be released soon.
Since the previous client release (SSR) alot of changes have been made to the client.
So in order to avoid confusion, the SSR client has been removed.
7  The Lobby (Staff Announcements) / The Message Board (Announcements) / Welcome to SS Reborn! on: September 29, 2009, 07:40:21 pm
Welcome to SS Reborn, a 317 server created by Gap5 (Derek)!
We hope you enjoy your stay on our server, and will do your best to contribute to our brand new community.
Feel free to post your introductions on this board if you are new to the server.
Here is some information to get you started...

In order to play the server, your going to have to download the client using the client tab near the top of the forum page.
If you have any issues downloading the client, please notify us, and we will come up with a solution as best as we can.

If your reading this, and your able to post, then you have caught on to all of the basics of the forum, not that there is any difficulty expected.
Most of the positions of the members you see here are based off of their post count.
The more they contribute to the forum, the greater they're position, and reputation, grows.
The better position you have, the more you are known, and the more likley it is that you may get promoted beyond the posting positions and help us out with the moderation.
Here are the descriptions for all the positions you will see on the forums.

Posting Groups...

New Member:
This is position everyone starts with when they first register.
They keep this position until they have reached 25 posts.

Junior Member:
You are now famaliar with the aspects of both the server and the forum, and have made a decent appearance as for posting.
You get this position at 25 posts, and you are promoted at 50.

You have kept in touch with the community with your opinions at a good level.
You get this position at 50 posts, and you are promoted again at 100.

Senior Member:
You have been with us for some time and have stuck around enough to make this many contributions.
You get this position at 100 posts, and you are promoted yet again at 300.

Hero Member:
Its been quite some time since you first joined, and you have both the reputation and position to prove it!
You get this position at 300 posts, and you are once more promoted at 777.

Dedicated Member:
You've made your way to the last posting position. You have come a long way from your beginning and we hope to see you continue to contribute to our community!
You get this position at 777 posts.

Promotional Groups...
These are positions that cannot be achieved by simply posting. They are given to those who have made an amazing impression on the staff of the community, and have been promoted to show how much they have contributed to us.

Community Member:
You've developed quite a reputation with everyone on the forum, and have recieved great concideration from the staff members. This is as close as you can get to a spot on the moderation team!

We have seen how well you treat others and help them out of tough situations, and now its time to contribute to the saftey of them as well. You have been granted the basic abilities that will help us wipe out the rule breakers among our community once you have been promoted to this position.

You have made a great impact on the community as a moderator, and its time to take it even further. You have been given even more abilities that can completley remove the constant offenders on the forums and server.

Unforutanetly, it is very un-likley that even one more person will be promoted to this position. If you do get here, then you have helped us out before we even became a community and are currently helping us out with more serious issues outside of the community, and have been given all the abilities to fix the smaller issues as well. On the server, these members will be seen as Owners on the players list, not Administrators or Co-Owners.

The only two owners will be the only ones ever to have this position, unless either me, Ricky (Xxx9234), or the server owner, Derek (Gap5), leave and is replaced by one of the Co-Owners. We know just about everything to do with both the server, forum, and chat box. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the other staff members, we are the people you want to speak to. Derek (Gap5), is the mastermind behind the entire server, so server related questions go straight to him. Me, Ricky (Xxx9234), or the Co-Owner, Courtney, would be glad to answer any forum or chat box related questions you may have.

Once again, welcome to the server, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


Derek, owner and hoster of the server, and Co-Owner of the forums and Chat Box.
Login name on the server is Gap5.

Ricky, owner of the forums and chat-box, and Co-Owner of the server.
Login name on the server is Xxx9234.


Courtney, Co-Owner of the forums, chat-box, and server.
Main HTML coder for the forums.

~Possible Spot~


~Possible Spot~


0wn3d Sarah
~Possible Spot~

Community Members:

Storm, Bladed Fear, Bladed PK
~Endless Possible Spots~
8  1st Floor (General Server Discussion) / The Forgotten Corner (Misc. General Discussion) / Rules on: September 26, 2009, 05:29:53 pm
I know they suck, but everything needs rules.
Well, here they are...

  • Swearing is not allowed. If you feel you have to swear, please * out the entire word.
  • Advertising any site or server that is not focused around media is not tolerated.
  • Do not post in the wrong board. Moving them around is such a freakin hassle...
  • If the topic has not been posted in for over 30 days, don't post in it.
  • Abusing server/forum glitches is not allowed, clearly. Instant IP Ban given.
  • Disrespecting staff is also not going to be tolerated, at all. The punishment is completley up to the staff member offended.
  • Do not abuse powers, you'll look like a douche bag... Will be instantly demoted. Punishment depend on the power abused.
  • Do not ask for staff.
  • Using a cheat client for any purpose whatsoever is not allowed. You will be IP Banned the first time you are caught.
9  The Lobby (Staff Announcements) / The Message Board (Announcements) / SS Echoed's Progress on: September 24, 2009, 06:11:27 pm
We are still going through some server vamping that must be done before we release.
To give you an idea on what to expect, here's my current to-do list.
Since it turns out that I probably won't be able to use the Server, I'll have to find a hoster, which I don't think will take too long.

Advanced Training Area
Drop Fix for Chaos Elemental
Drop Fix for Kalphite Queen
Drop Fix for King Black Dragon

Pest Control Rewards Fix
Void Knight Robe Special Effect Fix (Melee set fixes Range and Melee max hits now, mage is unaffected)
Barrows Cave Removal
Safe Yell Channel Method
Donater Benefit Method (Will be featured before release, but based on feedback, it will be improved throughout our uptime)
New Barrow Armour Set Effects (I believe you can find the new effects in the Information Booth thread I made. Dharok's and Verac's were kept the same (Improved, but the same concept), while I am deciding whether or not to change Guthan's effect.)

Thank you for your patience!
      Ricky, Xxx9234

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