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News: Our new server, Sw33t PK, is now online.
Visit http://sw33tpk.smfforfree.com/ for details.
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SS Echoed News
Welcome to SS Reborn. Today, I heard just about the best news I've heard in years. As it turns out, my parents are building a complete Dedicated Server for their work, and I will probably be able to host SSE off of it. We are going to test it as soon as it gets completed to make sure it will work correctly. This should make certain that SSE will come to life one day.
Help make SS Reborn a better experience by donating!
Board News
xx New Items - Ancient PVP Armour!
December 12, 2009, 12:55:26 pm by Ricky
Today I added these pvp models to the client.
The Vesta, Statius, Zuriel, and Morrigan armours and weapons are now added!

Screenshots are below...

Vesta's Chainbody, Plateskirt, and Spear...

Zuriel's Robe top, Robe bottom, Hood, and Staff...

Statius's Platebody, Platelegs, Helmet, and Warhammer...

Morrigan's Leather Body, Chaps, Coif, and Javelin...

We hope to put these perfect PVP models to use as soon as possible.
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xx Results and the Future
October 12, 2009, 07:32:04 pm by Ricky
Well, a few weeks ago, we released.
And after two hours, Gap's sister turned the server off and he decided to give up.
But it looks like someone is still around since the logo is sexier then I remember, so i'll ask Gap for the server he released and Ill work on it and hopefully will get some way to host the server myself.
How this affects you...
Staff will be picked by someone else, considering the only thing I didnt actually own was the server, which I will soon be getting.
We wont release again for a long time.
Could be weeks, or months. Maybe not even until summer, but I really hope to release before then, lmao.
Me and Gap didnt agree with everything, so the server may look different, but most of it will actually be the same.
As soon as I get ungrounded, then I will be focusing on the server alot, which will hopefully influence the release time.
If Gap wants to stay, then he can be the Co Owner of just about everything, and Courtney was still workong even when the server owner gave up, so if she sticks around, she'll definitly be Co Owner, or higher depending on how much she contributes. XD
Also, I'm probably changing the server name to SS Echoed, which means another logo change, sorry Courtney.
I hate to see servers plan on releasing, only to have the owner quit right before he finishes. (Supah Fly, Mac, VooDoo, Gap) so I WILL get this done if it kills me.
But its gonna take patience, because it wont be released soon. Tongue

New Global Management of SS Reborn, soon to be SS Echoed,

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xx Welcome to SS Reborn!
September 29, 2009, 07:40:21 pm by Ricky
Welcome to SS Reborn, a 317 server created by Gap5 (Derek)!
We hope you enjoy your stay on our server, and will do your best to contribute to our brand new community.
Feel free to post your introductions on this board if you are new to the server.
Here is some information to get you started...

In order to play the server, your going to have to download the client using the client tab near the top of the forum page.
If you have any issues downloading the client, please notify us, and we will come up with a solution as best as we can.

If your reading this, and your able to post, then you have caught on to all of the basics of the forum, not that there is any difficulty expected.
Most of the positions of the members you see here are based off of their post count.
The more they contribute to the forum, the greater they're position, and reputation, grows.
The better position you have, the more you are known, and the more likley it is that you may get promoted beyond the posting positions and help us out with the moderation.
Here are the descriptions for all the positions you will see on the forums.

Posting Groups...

New Member:
This is position everyone starts with when they first register.
They keep this position until they have reached 25 posts.

Junior Member:
You are now famaliar with the aspects of both the server and the forum, and have made a decent appearance as for posting.
You get this position at 25 posts, and you are promoted at 50.

You have kept in touch with the community with your opinions at a good level.
You get this position at 50 posts, and you are promoted again at 100.

Senior Member:
You have been with us for some time and have stuck around enough to make this many contributions.
You get this position at 100 posts, and you are promoted yet again at 300.

Hero Member:
Its been quite some time since you first joined, and you have both the reputation and position to prove it!
You get this position at 300 posts, and you are once more promoted at 777.

Dedicated Member:
You've made your way to the last posting position. You have come a long way from your beginning and we hope to see you continue to contribute to our community!
You get this position at 777 posts.

Promotional Groups...
These are positions that cannot be achieved by simply posting. They are given to those who have made an amazing impression on the staff of the community, and have been promoted to show how much they have contributed to us.

Community Member:
You've developed quite a reputation with everyone on the forum, and have recieved great concideration from the staff members. This is as close as you can get to a spot on the moderation team!

We have seen how well you treat others and help them out of tough situations, and now its time to contribute to the saftey of them as well. You have been granted the basic abilities that will help us wipe out the rule breakers among our community once you have been promoted to this position.

You have made a great impact on the community as a moderator, and its time to take it even further. You have been given even more abilities that can completley remove the constant offenders on the forums and server.

Unforutanetly, it is very un-likley that even one more person will be promoted to this position. If you do get here, then you have helped us out before we even became a community and are currently helping us out with more serious issues outside of the community, and have been given all the abilities to fix the smaller issues as well. On the server, these members will be seen as Owners on the players list, not Administrators or Co-Owners.

The only two owners will be the only ones ever to have this position, unless either me, Ricky (Xxx9234), or the server owner, Derek (Gap5), leave and is replaced by one of the Co-Owners. We know just about everything to do with both the server, forum, and chat box. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the other staff members, we are the people you want to speak to. Derek (Gap5), is the mastermind behind the entire server, so server related questions go straight to him. Me, Ricky (Xxx9234), or the Co-Owner, Courtney, would be glad to answer any forum or chat box related questions you may have.

Once again, welcome to the server, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


Derek, owner and hoster of the server, and Co-Owner of the forums and Chat Box.
Login name on the server is Gap5.

Ricky, owner of the forums and chat-box, and Co-Owner of the server.
Login name on the server is Xxx9234.


Courtney, Co-Owner of the forums, chat-box, and server.
Main HTML coder for the forums.

~Possible Spot~


~Possible Spot~


0wn3d Sarah
~Possible Spot~

Community Members:

Storm, Bladed Fear, Bladed PK
~Endless Possible Spots~
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xx SS Echoed's Progress
September 24, 2009, 06:11:27 pm by Ricky
We are still going through some server vamping that must be done before we release.
To give you an idea on what to expect, here's my current to-do list.
Since it turns out that I probably won't be able to use the Server, I'll have to find a hoster, which I don't think will take too long.

Advanced Training Area
Drop Fix for Chaos Elemental
Drop Fix for Kalphite Queen
Drop Fix for King Black Dragon

Pest Control Rewards Fix
Void Knight Robe Special Effect Fix (Melee set fixes Range and Melee max hits now, mage is unaffected)
Barrows Cave Removal
Safe Yell Channel Method
Donater Benefit Method (Will be featured before release, but based on feedback, it will be improved throughout our uptime)
New Barrow Armour Set Effects (I believe you can find the new effects in the Information Booth thread I made. Dharok's and Verac's were kept the same (Improved, but the same concept), while I am deciding whether or not to change Guthan's effect.)

Thank you for your patience!
      Ricky, Xxx9234

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